A selection of our new cylinder blocks for Jaguar 3.0 Litre,  3.75 Litre and  3.8 Liter ‘D’ type and ‘E’ Type engines appear in the photograph above. Our latest tooling and pattern equipment is for the later Jaguar 3.8 litre cylinder blocks which have more expansive water ways and additional internal ribbing (know as the thick wall block by many racing enthusiasts), however, it should in reality be known as a ‘stiff wall block’ because the block does not have thicker walls, only a better and stiffer structure around the core plug areas and along the apertures in between, offering an increased and better configured cooling passages. These blocks also have the larger main bearing cap dowels on the exhaust side of the block and the block itself is numbered C22250.

The stiffer wall features and increased cooling capacity of the later 3.8 cylinder blocks is quite discrete and often overlooked, however these blocks for some while now have been in great demand by Historic Jaguar Racers and engine builders as they have proved to be a more reliable foundation for a Jaguar racing engine. This in mind, our early blocks such as those for the Jaguar D Type engine, both 3.75 litre and 3,8 litre, will now have this feature included as standard but will remain externally and visually the same to comply with historic motor racing regulations which are getting more and more  strict as the years progress. We hope to have our next batch of castings fully machined and available in the next few months and will update this page accordingly.